Bright Future Group to set up R&D Centre in New York, United State

Hong Kong, 23 May 2018

  • Expand company’s R&D capabilities and develop an advanced technical platform
  • Join forces to push ahead the Group’s international strategies

BF Innovation Inc. (BFI) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bright Future Group in New York, United States. After two years of well-preparation and recruitment, BFI was officially opened in May 2018. With the establishment of BFI, Bright Future Group is poised to foster novel collaborations that can lead to significant advances in helping people to better future. This paves the way for Bright Future Group to internationalization— recruiting global talent in the US, and fostering advanced technology and enhancing international perspectives of R&D.

Bright Future Group respects the value  of research & development. A strong international R&D team in Hong Kong as well as Hainan and Suzhou, China  has been  established for the development of new medicinal products. R&D centers of Bright Future are equipped with cutting-edge enabling technologies and QbD concept. Bright Future ‘s research scientists are dedicated to deliver the affordable and high-quality drugs to all patients.

We are committed to improve the health of humans for a brighter life, better future. Developing more affordable pharmaceutical products, bringing brighter life better future to people’s lives is our goal.

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