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A New York-based pharmaceutical research and development laboratory which focus on providing integrated solutions for skin health.


BF Innovation Inc. located in New York, USA, is one of the R&D centers of Bright Future Pharmaceutical Laboratories Ltd. and with the focus on providing integrated solutions for skin health.

At BF Innovation Inc., we develop 505(b) (2) innovative medicines, 505(j) high quality affordable generic drugs, OTC products and cosmetics through collaboration with Bright Future subsidiaries and external partners. Our scientists and researchers are highly qualified and experienced with the topically applied medicines and cosmetic products. Our exceptionally skilled formulation development team pairs with our highly competent analytical development team to deliver high quality product through all stages of development, from a product’s conception to its launch.

Some of our work are:

  • Selection and screening of raw materials and active ingredients based on physical and chemical attributes, safety, quality, efficacy, function, regulatory requirements, etc.
  • Reverse engineering study using various analytical techniques and broad scientific knowledge
  • Formulation development through quality by design
  • Manufacturing process development from early stage through tech-transfer
  • Stability indicating method development using state of the art laboratory equipment
  • In-vitro drug release testing for semi-solid drug products
  • Designing and facilitating well-planned clinical study
  • Preparation of documents for successful regulatory submission and approval

Our work is performed following good laboratory practices, good pharmaceutical development practice, and other applicable pharmaceutical development requirements to ensure that we develop high quality pharmaceutical products. We put our best foot forward as we recognize that the success of our final marketed products predominantly depends on the conclusions and assessments made by our scientists daily. BF Innovation is committed to creating top quality products that enhance the quality of life for people with skin conditions.

BF Innovation

BF Innovation Inc. is a New York-based pharmaceutical research and development laboratory focus on skin health.

As is our vision:  “brighter life better future”.